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Portrait photo of a smiling Jane Pond with ocean waves in background

About Jane

Janes spiritual experiences started as a child, seeing the ‘spirit people’ as she referred to them. It was at a time when her father was very ill and she would often see relatives that had passed away and later was able to identify them in photographs. This became a very normal way of life, and over the years  jane would see spirit people more and more.

Jane saw her own grandmother from the spirit world, with her own children when they were poorly, just sat on the bed comforting them.

She began to attend the local spiritual churches with her mother and they both developed an interest in the communication between the two worlds. Jane and her mother joined spiritual circles and would partake in different spiritual gatherings and on various occasions Jane was told by mediums that one day, she too, would be a medium and talk to audiences.


As predicted Jane very soon began working with her gift of mediumship in local churches. During that time she also studied at The Arthur Finlay College of Psychic Sciences to develop her abilities further.    

During this time Jane worked in the hospitality sector, and later became a teacher working with audiences, but still always worked with her mediumship whenever she could. As her reputation grew she naturally began working as a professional medium and now works extensively with her mediumship on an individual basis and publicly with audiences. Her one-to-one readings are booked out months in advance and offers a variety of events with audiences, which are always a sell out.

"I feel very fortunate to have had so many opportunities and touch the lives of so many, but above all to do a profession that I absolutely love. Changing peoples lives has brought meaning and purpose to mine"

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