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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Mediumship?
    When Jane works on a mediumistic level, she is blending her soul with the soul of a deceased soul in the spirit world, and bringing forward aspects of their life, such as memories. It's a little like unfolding a story of the life they lived in the physical world. The evidence of their life is present in the communications bringing proof of an eternal existence which can be very healing and comforting to experience . All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums
  • What is a Psychic?
    When Jane works on a psychic level her soul is blending with the client and she can become aware of aspects of their life from being born to the present day and she may also become aware of opportunities which lie ahead. We say opportunities because we all have our free will and nothing is set in stone in our lives as Jane believes we have choices. Jane also works with the tarot cards during a psychic reading. Psychic readings can help people to realise their souls desires and perhaps pursue a path that they have often thought about.
  • Is everyone psychic?
    If we always say it's a little bit like everyone can draw to different degrees and with a bit of guidance and teaching everyone can reach their potential. Some people are particularly gifted at art and have a natural gift. So, it’s the same with being psychic and expressing mediumistic abilities, you can reach your potential with teaching and guidance. Jane uses her years of experience and is always happy to let others share the knowledge and gift of being a Psychic Medium. Please check our website for any current or planned psychic development courses that you can attend in person or online.
  • Can I book an online Reading session with Jane?
    Yes you can, actually due to demand Psychic readings with Jane are solely online at this moment, via Zoom. Please visit the 'Book a Reading' section of our website to choose a Day and Time for your appointment.
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