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Jane with captive audience at mediumship evening

About Mediumship

A lot is written about the meaning of mediumship. Basically it is to provide evidence that departed loved ones still exist beyond their  physical death. Mediumship is the communication of information between a deceased person's spirit and a Medium.

Jane has no doubt that life is eternal and there is a real need for our loved ones to make contact and prove time and time again through evidence, that life goes on.

"The spirit world never cease to amaze me, the power of communication is simply a miracle between the two worlds"

Tarot Cards and Crystals

A Psychic Medium like Jane has the ability to receive that information and pass it on to another. The information should be detailed and specific and relevant to the spirit's family members and friends. 

Please note that Psychic Mediums are not Fortune Tellers and do NOT predict or see into the future, nor do they give advice or counsel to others.

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