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"Sharing my gift of mediumship has transformed my life, and the life of others..... bringing hope, healing and comfort after loss”


Jane Pond

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About Jane

Welcome to my Website. I’m a Medium and a Psychic based in Sheffield,UK

From a young age I realised I was blessed with a gift that has enabled me to reconnect people with their loved ones, that have passed to the spirit world. Through these connections whether they be during private readings or at larger group events it has been proven to me and others, time and time again that life is eternal. Your loved ones bring specific and detailed information about themselves so you know it is them. Over the years I have witnessed the wonderful healing that has taken place through the messages and found what an incredible healing balm the gift of mediumship really is. Your loved ones want to show that they love you.

I also work with my psychic intuition and guide people with opportunities that may be ahead in their own lives and perhaps offering clarity in an area they may feel stuck.


Events Lists

 "I feel very grateful to have had many opportunities to work with audiences connecting the two worlds.
I always think 'who will visit this evening ?' and  'what evidence will they share about their memories and life?'. But what I do know is that belief, healing and comfort will be shared amongst the audience and a new found hope, for a better future!


Jane Pond - Psychic Medium

Private Readings

Book a One to One reading with Jane which will be online via Zoom.

Courses & Workshops

It was only natural that Jane would teach psychic development and mediumship, as teaching has always been a great passion of hers, so in 2020 she started delivering online workshops to students from around the world.

Jane offers a variety of training courses for those wanting to explore both their psychic and mediumistic abilities. Full details of Courses and Workshops are shown on booking pages.

When courses & workshops are available a 'book' button will appear to enable you to enrol for the course.

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“Jane is kind, patient and caring in her approach to teaching. As a group of strangers from week one, with Jane’s help and support, we all watched and supported each other grow immensely in just over four weeks. Jane’s passion for what she does really ignites my desire to learn more about spirituality and developing my mediumship further. Some of the exercises were really interesting and pushed us to open our minds and strengthen our connection with the spirit world. I’m looking forward to starting the next course with Jane.”




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